Saturday, 24 September 2011

Why is it male drivers annoy you when you're already having a rubbish day?!

Argh!!!!!I am definitely having one of those 'weeks', never mind days! Why, oh why do truck drivers/van drivers or just idiotic male drivers in general INSIST on driving so close up my ass that if I brake they could be halfway through my poor little (crappy) car?! I mean, seriously COME ON!It's not like there isn't enough room on the whole fricking autobahn that they can't just back off or better still, use their brain and overtake!!! Ergh, and it's always MEN doing it..I had to laugh the other day, I'm going about 130kph in the far right lane (any faster than that and the car rocks from side to side and vibrates..yes, it's an old car!) and this guy comes right up my ass, so I speed up as much as I can then he overtakes but not fast enough to get past me, instead he's right across from me just giving me evils-well if he wanted a race, I wasn't gonna give him car would probably fall apart down the motorway haha!Grr, men of the driving world sort yourselves the hell out!
Anyway, I'm in the kind of mood where I'm getting angry pretty quick, yet using plenty of sarcasm and humour to quickly get over it again..don't know where my head is at these days, but I know for sure that my life is not where I want it at 25 years old..(yes I'm older than my car)..Oh and another thing-CYCLISTS!!Where the hell did they learn to cycle because I don't pull any of the stunts that they do in Germany-it's like they think they own the road..yeah well, just because you have a bike doesn't mean anything, I have a car and people still push me out of the way..I think the only way you get priority on the roads is if you're a stupid pedestrian who doesn't LOOK when they're crossing the road..I mean, what moron crosses without looking?It's a damn good thing I don't have a sporty car because it doesn't go fast enough to hit someone anyway!hahaa!
I think maybe I need to get a tank..I would just run over every idiot on the road, ha and teach those trucks a thing or two..oh wait, are trucks bigger than tanks?Well, whatever, so  irritated by the morons on the roads, at least I use my INDICATORS and I look before crossing an intersection, I don't cut up everyone else!Morons!!!Anyway, that's me for today..think my head might be about to explode haha!!Enjoy your Saturday evening peeps xx

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