Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

So today is St Paddy's's been a year since I passed my driving test and FINALLY got my  independence :D It's also been just over a year since I got with my crazy other half Stu, he makes me happy like no one else can and life is just pretty awesome :D I moved back to the UK from Germany beginning of December, got myself a job and a couple weeks ago, I moved into a shared house:) Life couldn't be better..well, not to sound ungrateful, but I'm gutted I can't go back to uni yet..I really do want to get my degree, yet a friend told me to look into distance learning, so I can still work. In this day & age, you've gotta have the pennies right!
Today is a bit of a solemn day, a footballer for Bolton collapsed during a match, and although I'm not much of a football fan, it's real sad and my thoughts & prayers are with his family & friends. Also I'm thinking of the friends & families of six soldiers killed recently in Afghanistan and everyday I know how lucky I am that mine came home safely..I guess today has been a day of realising how lucky I really am and with that in mind, I'm sending all the love I have to those I love <3 xxx

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